Trusted Vendors

The following vendors are all fully vetted and highly trusted by The Vaults. We welcome your suggestions for other providers who go above and beyond the norm, and deliver unequaled levels of service.

Air Conditioning Sales, Service, Supplies
Mario Cruz

Auto – Repair, Service, Painting, Customization
Ray “Remo” Adkins – Phoenix Rods & Speed
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Auto – Torque Converters
Marcin Pilatowski – Florida Torque Converters
Tel: 239.458.7510
Address 906 SE 9th St. Cape Coral, FL 33990 Visit our
website Email:

Auto Upholstery
Lingenfelter’s Upholstery
Tel.: 239.471.7496
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Address 2030 SW 32nd St. Cape Coral, FL33914

Audio & Video
Ricky Guerra – In Your Ear Stereo Gear
Tel.: 239.369.5252
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Marine Supplies – Dock Accessories – Boat Lifts
John Fix – Fix Marine Supply
Tel.: 239.540.2971
Toll Free 866.998.3625
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