Barn Finds!!!

April 22, 2023 Author admin
Check out this article from Hagerty regrading barn finds. Just when you think everybody must have looked in every barn! <

‘Luxury vehicle condos’ coming to Cape Coral

March 14, 2023 Author admin
Cape Coral is in the queue for the ultimate in man caves. Kevin Cloutier, an agent with Priceless Realty, has launched a project called The Caves of Cape Coral. It’s planned for a spring groundbreaking in southwest Cape Coral. The Caves are condo-esque vehicular storage which will host 10

Car condos are the new man caves

March 14, 2023 Author admin
Photo By Iron Gate Motor Condos In July 2018, Andrew Johnson and his wife Laura of Spring Grove, Illinois, drove about 70 minutes from their home to attend a Coffee and Chrome car show at Iron Gate Motor Condos. At Iron Gate, enthusiasts house or display anything, from their 1941 Cadillac two-door