Where are the caves going?

Where are the caves going?

Ten units are planned for 4335 SW 9th Place, off Skyline Boulevard in Cape Coral, near the Home Depot off Veterans Parkway.

Five of the 10 units are under contract. After a sixth gets sold, Cloutier said construction would begin. The goal is to have the building complete by the first of 2019.

“What makes this different is, you’ll have a community of like-minded people,” Cloutier said. “What this is promoting is like-minded people who collect a car, a boat, a motorcycle or an RV, and their garage at home isn’t big enough to keep their toys in it. If you’re buying a third car or a boat, you can’t put everything in your garage at home.

“This is a place to go where you’ll be able to work on your stuff and keep your stuff there. It’s a man cave. We realize that most of these people with multiple cars won’t have room in their garage for them. “This is a place where you can go upstairs to entertain. You can show off your car and then go upstairs and watch a football game.”

Although nothing like the Caves exists in Southwest Florida, the concept has been a growing trend across the nation.

Information Warfare includes Cape Coral’s Knopp Cape Coral developer John Ringland, who has been in the area since 1993 and is originally from Indiana, has seen similar concepts in his native state as well as in Minnesota and North Carolina. He deemed Cape Coral a great place for the “caves” concept.

“This is an area where people have cars, people have model airplanes, and there’s just no room to put all of this stuff,” Ringland said.
Adjacent to the Caves, Ringland is also developing a 100,000 square-foot self-storage unit.

“The nice things about the Caves, is you can do whatever you like in it. Not only will you have more room, but you’ll have room to work and move around in them.”